The Seven Wonders of the Life – Maurice Heuts

No manipulation photo! 

This is the motto of the official presentation of the works of Maurice Heuts alias  MOART ROTTERDAM.
There are only the Wonders of the Reality, of emotions caught at the instant. The photography of the Abstract reality, because Maurice teaches us that the Life all around us has all the forms and techniques of the Art;  just discover it.
Don’t forget about another topic: urban Rotterdam.

The Urban Abstract Art of Rotterdam: MOART.

1 DREAM – is like dancing in PINK rain.

2 HOPE – is to look BEYOND the ashes.

3 (The) WAY – is a YIN&YANG thing.

4 FRIENDSHIP –  is the SPICE of life.


5 ART –  is my gateway to NEW universes.

6 LOVE – is all that REALLY matters.

7 DEATH –  is just a TEMPORARY situation.